VALA RAE is a creative collaboration between Jessie Rose Vala and Emily Rae Counts. VALA RAE objects are born in the Northwest of the United States — a place at the edge of the Ring of Fire where volcanoes, rain and the evergreen trees reign supreme. 

VALA RAE is inspired by the inner and outer nature of life: crystalline shapes, elemental forces, circular energy, spirits, shadows and sparks. These pieces are to be used, loved, and admired in life and ritual. Our practice builds upon craft and fine art traditions and our experiences as lifelong friends.


All housewares are hand built and one-of-a-kind. Each piece is lovingly crafted and glazed with unique details to enhance their form and function.

The original models for the cast pipes pipe are carved by hand, then plaster molds are created. Each porcelain pipe is slip-cast in our studios and fired in the kiln up to three separate times at bisque, glaze, and overglaze temperatures.

The black overglaze artwork for pipes and housewares are created from our own drawings and are applied as screen printed decals that are permanent when fired. All glazes are lead-free.


More about Jessie at: jessierosevala.com and Instagram @jessierosevala
More about Emily at: emilycounts.com and Instagram @emilyraecounts